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Essential Foods For Fat Burning Process – You Must Know

Some researchers have found some certain food which is able to burn fat as exercise do.


Nut contains monounsaturated fat which is able to burn fat efficiently. Research shows that women getting around 500 calories from in their diet will increase 11 % calorie and fat burning process while taking a rest.

Although it contains high calories, it is able to reduce calorie at whole because it is satiating food which prevents you to have more food.


You may have heard capsaicin substance containing in chili which is able to increase metabolism up to 25 %. New research shows that people consuming high capsaicin food can increase adrenaline, kind of hormone pressing appetite for food. In conclusion, consuming chili will automatically reduce 200 calories.


The secrete of bean is the resistant starch as kind of unique substance burning fat and calorie. In a study, consuming a cup of bean may burn 25 % more in a day. Other food containing resistant starch is like pea and rice.

Consume Fat to Burn Fat

Fat is able to make you feel full, so that make sure that you consume at least 30 % fat in your daily calorie as nut, salmon, and avocado.


Consume 3 portions of low fat milk product may reduce body fat up to 60 %. Milk contains high calcium and if you do not get enough calcium, body will produce more calcitriol, hormone stimulating cell to burn fat.

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