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5 Ways Geriatric Care Can Improve Quality of Life

As you age, your quality of life reduces due to several factors or issues regarding your emotional, mental and physical well-being. Part of aging healthily involves having supportive people to help you view life positively. You can consider geriatric care services if you do not have family members or friends to assist you through your aging process. Through geriatric care, you can alleviate various challenges that most old aged people experience, such as cognitive stress, depression, and lack of appetite. Below are multiple ways to increase your old age longevity through a geriatric care Conroe specialist. 

What Is Geriatric Care?

Geriatric care is a medical specialty that focuses on providing care to the elderly. As you grow older, your body might undergo various changes, and you will likely suffer from infections and dehydration. To prevent this, your caregivers or family can work with geriatric care managers to ensure your dietary, daily schedules, and exercise regimen needs are met.

How Does Geriatric Care Improve Quality of Life?

Besides improving your cognitive abilities, geriatric care also increases your life expectancy. Below are ways you can benefit from geriatric care services during old age. 

1. Improves Your Mental Health

Most older adults are usually prone to depression. It can result from a spouse’s or friend’s death, medical health issues, physical pain, and cognitive impairment. Depression can make you drift away from reality and significantly lowers your life expectancy during old age. However, with geriatric care services, your caregivers can monitor and treat any signs of depression before it affects your emotional and physical well-being.

2. Manages Various Geriatric Health Issues

The aging process is characterized by many health issues that can only be managed and not treated, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. With a good healthy diet and a solid support system, you can improve and manage any chronic illness you might be ailing from. Geriatric care managers closely monitor those with aging health issues to ensure their conditions do not worsen. 

3. Improves Your Oral Health and Skin Appearance

As you age, your skin deteriorates and appears dry and scaly due to a decline in the skin’s moisturizing ability. Dry, itchy, and flaky skin can be prone to infections that might affect your health during old age. Following instructions from your geriatric care manager can help you keep your skin healthy and vibrant as you age. 

Your oral health might also deteriorate as you age, such as teeth decaying or falling off. If this happens, your geriatric care provider ensures you follow a healthy oral routine and hygiene, such as brushing your teeth or flossing. 

4. Improves Your Social Interaction Skills

You may feel isolated as you age, primarily if you do not often interact or have limited mobility. If this happens, you can be at a greater risk of getting dementia and other related cognitive disorders. Your geriatric care provider can recommend more family outings and regular visits from friends or close relatives to prevent isolationism. Even interacting with your fellow seniors can provide companionship during old age

5. Helps You Create a Sense of Purpose

As you age, you may feel less valued or noticed since you do not have much to offer as you were younger. To help you create a sense of purpose, your geriatric care provider can encourage you to be open by sharing your thoughts, knowledge, experiences, and creativity. They also ensure that you feel respected and acknowledged in other people’s presence. 

If you have an elderly loved one and would like to get help in caring for them, contact Family Life Medical. You will meet various geriatric care professionals who will help you navigate the challenges of caring for the elderly. Call or schedule an appointment to learn more about geriatric care and how it can safely contribute to your loved one’s health.

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