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7 Essential Nutrients To Keep Your Body Healthy And Wholesome

Here are seven essential nutrients every adult needs for a healthy diet.


Calcium plays a great role in blood clotting and muscle function, it maintains a normal heart rhythm and gives strength to your skeleton throughout life. You can get the calcium you need by having three servings of dairy products each day. Calcium is best absorbed in the presence of lactose, natural milk sugar.


Fiber is an essential nutrient for overall health. Foods rich in fiber help lower the risk of developing chronic conditions. It also keeps bowel movements regular and prevents intestinal woes. In order to increase fiber intake, you need to choose whole-grain breads and cereals, fruits, vegetables and include whole grains at every meal.


Magnesium plays a significant role in developing a good health. It contributes to bone strength, promotes immunity and normalizes muscle, nerve and heart function. In order to satisfy your magnesium needs, you need to consume three servings of law-fat dairy products each day, choose whole grains, quinoa and cracked wheat are particularly rich in magnesium; eat legumes, like black beans, white beans and soy as a protein source a few times a week instead of meat.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a complex nutrient which is found in fatty foods like nuts, seeds and oils. It helps combat free radicals, the unstable oxygen molecules. In order to get more Vitamin E, you need to use sunflower and safflower oil instead of corn or vegetable oils, add sunflower seeds or almonds to salads, steamed vegetables and cooked whole grains and enjoy a nut butter sandwich on whole-grain bread.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for a healthy immune system. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cellular damage and plays a great role in the production of collagen. You need some Vitamin C every day and you can get it from fruits and vegetables, such as raw sweet red pepper, kiwi, strawberries, cooked broccoli.

Vitamin A and Carotenoids

Vitamin A plays a significant role for a good health and is an essential nutrient for a normal vision, tissue growth and proper immune function. Vitamin A comes in two forms: as retinol (preformed and ready for the body to use) and carotenoids, the raw materials the body converts to vitamin A. In order to get more carotenoids, you need to consume more carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, sweet red pepper.


Potassium plays a great role in normal muscle contraction, transmission of nerve impulses and fluid balance and is essential for bone strength and energy production.

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