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7 Minute Workout To Lose Weight And Stay Toned

You can get back into shape with just 7 minutes of exercise and you can especially become thin? A workout efficacies constant and enduring as a reward has the physique you desire.

The work and daily tasks do not always leave time to go to the gym or to train constantly. If we want to lose weight and stay toned, but we have to deal with the little free time, it is crucial to exploit the short breaks and all useful to make the move.

From America comes the confirmation that you can be thin and in shape with a workout on the length of only seven minutes. The effectiveness is to repeat the exercises, after reaching a good level of training, three times a day, and in this way you get to 20 minutes a day of sports that is the minimum time recommended by all the experts.

The exercises to be practiced to lose weight and stay firm and tonics have been studied by scientists dell’Human Performance Institute in Orlando who have developed a particular circuit, which are not necessary exercise equipment, and the only indispensable object is a chair. The seven minutes consist of a total of 12 toning exercises are also ideal for losing weight. Their usefulness is related to the fact that they are high intensity and then, in a short time, you can achieve the same results that you would practicing less intense workouts.

The special circuit U.S. researchers expected movements that involve the whole body and which start with the hops to be done with the legs, followed by push-ups, sit-ups to be performed in the supine position and other useful exercises for the triceps. Among the exercises also go up and down from the chair and many push-ups using only one arm. In the 7-minute sports, you can not miss the race, to be carried out on site by significantly raising the knees. Here are the different versions of lunges, i.e. the years in which you make the bends on the legs.

To run this special circuit, we must learn well every movement and repeat it in the shortest possible time of conducting the study the researchers advise in about 30 seconds to go immediately to the next.

This workout should be practiced three times a day, always starting gradually, stopping in case of aches and pains.

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