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DIO Full Arch Implant Testimonial

Are you considering a DIO Full Arch Implant procedure? If so, you are likely wondering about the course, recovery time, and cost. Read on to learn more. You will be amazed at what you can learn! You can learn more by reading our DIO Full Arch Implant Testimonial. You can even take our free e-course! To get started, download the flyer for your specific doctor, HERE.


A DIO Full Arch Implant Testimonial demonstrates the benefits of the procedure. The benefits are derived from the digital diagnosis process used for full arch rehabilitation. This procedure is performed to reestablish a person’s teeth and quality of life. It is often used for patients who have lost all their natural teeth. However, it has its drawbacks. The device is not portable and cannot be removed easily. The process also involves the gradual deterioration of gingival bone which cannot be used permanently.


For decades, the DIO Full Arch Implant procedure has been a gold standard in restoring missing teeth. With the advancements in digital imaging, surgeons can create a surgical guide to minimize the surgical time and improve the patient’s perception of the results. This new technology also allows surgeons to use the patient’s own x-rays and digital images for prosthetic planning. Ultimately, this means better patient outcomes.

Before receiving implants, patients were often fitted with a removable partial denture in the maxillary arch. These temporary dentures were uncomfortable and unattractive, and patients had to deal with pain, swelling, and soreness. After undergoing this procedure, patients can expect a return to normal life within three to seven days. However, it is important to remember that everyone heals at different rates. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully, and pay attention to your own body’s signals.

Recovery time

While the DIO Full Arch Implant procedure is not a particularly painful procedure, it is important to know that the recovery time will differ from patient to patient. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the full healing process to be completed. During this time, the patient will have to adjust to the new replacement teeth and will be on pain medication for at least one or two days. Then, he or she will return to work within a few days.

While the recovery time for DIO Full Arch Implant varies from person to person, there are some guidelines that can help patients recover faster. For instance, patients should eat at regular intervals, and should avoid skipping meals in the first few days. It is important to eat properly, as it will help keep the body strong and healthy. Drink plenty of water, as well. Staying hydrated will help you feel better after surgery.


The cost of a DIO Full Arch Implant is based on several factors, including the number of missing teeth, the type of bone in the jaw, and the condition of the surrounding gum tissue. Typically, the patient has healthy gums and a bone density of at least 15 percent. The dentist will assess these factors and compare them to those that apply to traditional treatment, as well as the patient’s current dental health.

The DIOnavi Full Arch is the latest dental procedure from DIO that aims to restore the oral environment of edentulous patients. This procedure uses advanced technology to create the highest quality full arch prosthesis. This fully guided system ensures the highest success rate, while giving patients peace of mind. Moreover, the DIOnavi Full Arch costs around $38,000, which is considerably lower than the cost of standard dental implants.

Availability in the Philippines

If you’re interested in dental implants in the Philippines, it’s important to consider a few factors before going through the process. The first factor is your general oral health. If you suffer from any chronic gum diseases, you should discuss this with your dentist. People who are diabetic or have weakened immune systems may not be suitable candidates. Another factor is your jaw structure. If you have a shallow jaw, you may not be a good candidate for implants, and people with weak or shallow jaws may need to undergo bone grafting.

You may want to find out if a dental clinic in the Philippines offers the DIO Full Arch Implant procedure before you make a decision. Although you’ll be paying in Philippine pesos, some clinics offer payment plans or different payment options. Generally, most dental clinics accept major credit cards. If you’re paying with cash, you might want to check with your local bank about its six-month interest-free installment plan. PayPal may also be an option for you.

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