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Dukan Diet Recipes To Weight Loss Sardinia Spa

WELLNESS – A week dedicated to weight loss between the beautiful views of Palu and Santa Teresa di Gallura

TREATMENT The Dukan diet is a diet high in protein typically as proteins, which require more time to be metabolized, they force the body to further work and the subsequent expenditure of calories. This diet consists of four phases: the first of attack which consists in consumption of protein, the second cruise, where alternate protein and vegetables until the weight shape and the third of consolidation, with the addition of minimum amount of carbohydrates, while the fourth is stabilization, in which you can freely consume all foods every day except Thursday sunny protein and oat bran.

Experience the treatment of Palu and Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia: the dell’Erica Valley Resort Thalasso & Spa offers an exclusive package “Sardinian Silhouette with Dukan’s Diet“, a week-long program dedicated to weight loss through diet designed the famous Dr. Pi providing its prestigious consulting food. La remise en forme complete each guest is accomplished by discovering the perfect healthy weight and keeping it without great sacrifice, thanks to a diet based on the 72 protein-rich.

EXPERT Pierre Dukan, a nutritionist for more than 30 years, is an expert in eating behavior. It ‘also the author of 19 works of which have been sold 2.5 million copies, among them the best-selling book “The Dukan diet, the Dictionary of dietetics and nutrition and the Book of my weight.” But you should be careful: the Order of Physicians has struck the nutritionist from the Register.

Professor Michael Carob, director of the Centre for Study and Research on Obesity, University of Milan, explains the reasons: “The high protein diet lose weight because it produces an accumulation of ketone bodies, which causes nausea and reduces appetite . The people at this point do not eat because they dislike the food, also the ketone bodies are harmful to the kidneys and can cause damage in the long run real. We must be cautious in prescribing this diet to obese patients, who have a higher risk of problems than normal patients. ”

AROUND Dell’Erica Valley is located in the municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura, a popular tourist destination in northern Sardinia facing the Straits of Bonifacio, opposite the fascinating uninhabited island of Spread. Of great importance is the archaeological complex of Lu Brandali, not far from here: it is a site nuragico, of vast dimensions, which includes the Tomb of the Giants, in which dozens of burials have been found, the Village consists of several huts, and the Nuraghe, originally protected by a mighty bastion and several towers, perfectly incorporated into the natural rocky environment in which they were erected. Currently only the Nuraghe is not accessible

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