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How The Silhouette Is Damaged Due To Drinking Too Much Sweet Drink Know

One sweetened beverage per day and will be consequences for figure and heart!

A lot of sweetened drinks!

Carbonated drinks or flat, there is a wide variety of sweet drinks. First, fortified with carbon dioxide, including varieties of cola and lemonades, but and tonics, energy drinks and those based on fruit and / or tea.

Sweetened flat drinks go from fruit syrups to preparations based on milk or tea.

Destructive for figure

A glass on day does not hurt! So say a lot, and actually … hurts! A recent American study has shown it’s much harder to get down liquid calories than the solid obtained from food. So it’s no joke if you take care about the figure!

Harmful to the heart

More worrying, is that another study showed that regular consumption of sweetened beverages increases the risk of coronary disease. A woman who drinks at least 2 glasses per day is with 1.3 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than a person who does not consume.

Alternative to sweet drink

In short, in terms of appealing taste, juices will hurt our figure. To keep your figure and health, consume only sugar-free drinks. Virtually all brands were developed “light” versions of the originals. Or, even better, adopt healthy through excellent, drink water!

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