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How to Heal Big Acne From Face Everyone Must Know

Everyone must want to have clear and clean face without acne problem. However, there are inside and outside factors stimulating acne problem. As stated by dr. Dew among Irena Spike, a skin specialist from Permatex Cibber Hospital, Jakarta, acne is abnormal skin condition because of infection and inflammation of skin oil gland.

Basically, acne appears because of oil gland clogging which is being infected by Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. So, there will be inflammation creating acne. Based on the serious condition, acne can be categorized into three kinds, small acne, medium acne, and big acne. The most disturbing one is big acne problem.

Big acne is kind of acne nodose that gets bigger and bigger without the cores. It has very deep core with hard pain. Inning states that basically, acne does not change in to acne nodose because it has different process and place.

Acne is mostly stimulated by stress condition, hormone, humid weather, so that skin produces oil where bacteria grows. It is able to cover skin pore and to create acne. However, big acne appears because of blood and cell accumulation in a closed oil line. It is able to cover because of several causes.

In big acne process, there will be Propionibacterium acnes settled in oil gland. It is kind of inflammation and blood. It usually appears in body part having very active oil gland activity as face, back, and top arm. Besides, people who tend to get big acne is they who have high androgen hormone in spite of genetic factor.

High amount of androgen hormone produce more oil with some waste. In this condition, skin is easy to get big acne. Acne inflammation will get worse when it is touched. Hand touch will make inflammation deeper into collagen tissues. So, it will get worse and worse. Moreover, this kind of acne can not reduce by itself because no way to out.

Therefore, it needs special treatment to heal under skin inflammation damaging other skin tissues. People with strong body immunity are able to repair it and to kill the inflammation cell.

How to Treat Your Acne

In order to prevent bad effect of big acne, it is suggested to heal acne as soon as possible.

  • Do not Press

Do not press or touch your big acne because it is able to get deeper and deeper. So, it can break collagen tissues.

  • No Injection

Big acne does not have way to release it, but it does not mean to use needle to create the way. It is important to consider about it because needle injection can make it deeper and make worse infection.

  • Regular Treatment

Do regular skin treatment every day with mil cleanser and facial tonic as skin type. It is important to keep skin clean. After that, continue to apply night cream.

  • Medical Check up

When big acne can not release by itself, you can check it to skin specialist, especially when you get serious pain. Usually, a specialist will give anti-inflammation injection or corticosteroid in your acne. It is assumed that inflammation cell will be destroyed. The application of acne care product will not help much because it can not reach skin cell. So, the best way is getting anti-inflammation injection.

Although it seems easy, it must be done by a skin specialist because every person will have different doses. It needs around two days to heal. If you have good body metabolism, you just need to get anti-biotic and isotretinoin to repair oil gland and to minimize more acne appearance.

Besides, you have get this treatment under doctor’s control and it is not allowed for pregnant women.

How to Remove Scar

When collagen tissues if big acne is broken, acne will get worse and leave scar and it is rather hard to heal.

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