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Follow These Tips to Get Rid of Acne Fast and Say Goodbye

Acne usually appears in teenage age because of hormone changing. However, it may also come again while you are getting old or to be adult. Usually, it is caused while you get stress, do not keep your skin clean, or apply wrong cosmetic product. You may not realize that acne is being a serious problem that damages your beauty.

Nowadays, you do not have to worry because there are many ways to make your face smooth and soft. The following are some tips to reduce and to heal acne from your face:

Reduce Stress

Psycho dermatologist, a new medical science tries to reduce and to heal from two perspectives, physic and mental. According to this science, acne can be derived from stress stimulating androgen hormone that produces oil. You can reduce and control your stress by having regular exercise and getting sleep at least 8 hours in a day.

Manage Your Eating Pattern

A study in Journal of American Academy of Dermatology shows the relationship between milk and acne. Having too much milk or instant food may create more acne. it is assume that milk from cow contains iodine, acne stimulator. So, if you are eager to get acne, just reduce or avoid drinking milk or you can replace it with herbal milk as soy bean milk.

Pay Attention to Your Beauty Product

You need to be careful to choose cosmetic product before you apply on your face. It is better to choose non-comedogenic product to reduce the risk of getting acne because comedy may cover your pore and create more acne.

How to Leave Acne Spot Out

1. Spot

When you get acne, your skin gets inflammation and produce melanosis creating dark spot on the surface of your skin. Several years ago, there are so many products containing hydroquinone that can reduce dark spot. However, in 2006, FDA forbids all cosmetic products containing hydroquinone. It is just allowed with doctor’s receipt. You can replace with cream with mulberry, licorice, and vitamin C.

2. Scar

Serious acne may create serious injured on the surface of your skin. Retinoid can produce collagen to repair your skin texture. The other alternative you may try is using microdermabrasion and laser.

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