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How to Make Your Betta Fish’s Home More Comfortable

Betta fish are adorable and make great friends, but they don’t always like being in their home or any other place for that matter. That’s why it’s important to provide them with a comfortable environment where exotic betta fish for sale and they can relax or feel at home. Here are five easy tips to help you do just that.

Don’t be afraid to decorate

Betta fish will love nothing more than to have lots of plants and plants and decorations in their tank. Not only will it give the fish lots of places to hide and explore, but it will also provide a natural habitat that is unlike any other. While Bettas do love to eat plants, they are not considered a major predator of them. 

That means you can have lots of plants in your tank safely, and Bettas will have lots of places to hide and explore.  

You can also add decorations to help relax your fish. Many Bettas enjoy hiding in flowerpots and other small containers, so you might want to keep some around the tank. Brightly colored or patterned decorations are also good stuff for Bettas, as they will help to attract the fish’s attention.

Get rid of shadows

Betta fish aren’t scared of much, but they do like their tanks to be as light-free as possible. Shadows are one thing they do hate and will do their best to avoid if possible. 

To help get rid of any shadows in your tank, you can buy some pool lights or, if you have a bigger tank, you can use a lamp or two.  

You can also get rid of shadows by filling your tank with plants and decorations. Plants and decorations will, of course, also help to keep your fish happy and healthy, but they’ll also keep your tank as light-free as possible, so your Betta won’t mind too much.

Turn up the light

If your Betta tank is a little dark or lacking in natural light, you can help them to feel more comfortable by adding a lamp and/or a couple of fluorescent bulbs. You can also try adding plants and decorations, but make sure they are not too bright, as Bettas do not like bright light very much either.  

Placing your lamp or bulbs at the front of the tank is also a good idea, as it will help your fish to feel more comfortable and relaxed. If you’re adding a lamp to a tank that already has a substrate in it, you can try to use something other than dirt or gravel, as the fish may not like it. You can try using sand or rocks if you have that kind of a tank, or you can try to find a product that’s made for the substrate.

Make the bottom nice and soft

If your Betta tank has no substrate in it or if they don’t like the one you’ve got, you can try to use sand or gravel as the bottom. The only problem with that is that sand or gravel is often very hard on the fish’s feet, so you’ll have to try to keep it clean and make sure your Betta doesn’t spend too much time walking on the bottom.  

Soil, on the other hand, is a soft material that Bettas love. You can usually find some sort of soil in most pet stores, and it usually comes in either a bag or an already prepared container.  You can make your soil a little bit softer by adding some fertilizer, but don’t add too much, or your fish may end up too happy. Too much fertilizer can dry out the substrate and make it very hard.

Add some hiding spots

Betta fish are sociable and like to be around other fish, but you don’t have to put them in a big tank to do it. In fact, you can put a small group of Bettas in a tank that’s the size of your hand. While this will only give the fish a little bit of space, it will help them feel more comfortable and relaxed.  You can also help your fish to relax by adding some hiding spots to their tank. 

Small plants, rocks, ornaments, or even driftwood can often be used as hiding spots, but make sure they are not too bright or too loud, as Bettas don’t like to be disturbed.  You can also try to place some of these hiding spots near the front of the tank, as Bettas are usually more comfortable when they see other fish or other creatures in their hiding spots.

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