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Natural Ingredients in Your Kitchen Can Enhance Your Beauty

Some natural substance derived from your kitchen can be used for beauty care. In spite of cheaper, it does not contain chemical substance which is dangerous for skin. These are some natural substance you can make for beauty care.

Potato Scrub

  1. Rasp potato and add some pieces of tea leaves.
  2. Add enough olive oil and use it to massage your face skin
  3. Wash face with warm water

Potato contains lanolin that moisturizes skin and tea functions to exfoliate numb. So, skin becomes lighter and shiner.


Banana is good for mask because it can relax and moisturize skin.

  1. Smash a banana and apply it on the surface of face skin
  2. Let it for several minutes and wash it with warm water

You also can mix a banana with 2 spoons full fat sour cream and a spoon honey. Let it for 15 minutes and apply it on the surface of skin. Besides, banana is also good for hair.

  1. Mix a banana with a half avocado and use it as hair cream bath
  2. Let it for 30 minutes and wash your hair with clean water

Brown Sugar

Smooth powder of brown sugar makes skin soft and smooth.

  1. mix 2 ones brown sugar with 60 ml flaxseed oil or olive oil
  2. Give 15 drops lavender essential oil
  3. Rub it on the surface of body skin


 It is not only good for hearth, but also good to keep skin young and shiny. It contains beta glucan that can relax skin and tighten skin condition.

  1. Mix a spoon of oatmeal with three spoons plain yogurt and a spoon of honey
  2. Apply it on the surface of face and let it for 5 minutes
  3. Wash it with warm water to refresh and to soften skin

Coconut Milk

It is very effective to moisturize pallid skin.

  1. add a half can of instant coconut milk with a smashed avocado
  2. Apply it on the surface of hair and let it for 20 minutes
  3. Wash hair until clean


 Asparagus contains chlorophyll lightening and exfoliating skin and make skin naturally lighter. It is good to use for dry skin.

  1. add some raw asparagus with milk containing lactic acid as natural exfoliate
  2. Add avocado and honey
  3. Apply it on the surface of face and let it for 15 minutes
  4. Wash skin with clean water
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