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Places to Travel in the Next Months of 2022

The list was compiled by big companies. Through criteria such as contact with nature, the news network team chose the nations that can provide a moment of relaxation and involvement with the beautiful natural landscapes. An excellent choice, especially after an extensive period of home office and remote activities.

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Canada is, without a doubt, the best destination to travel alone in 2022, as well as the most indicated in 2021! It’s just that it’s a very special destination, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities.  Keep in mind that it’s important to have a big presence on different platforms to get free stuff in Canada from restaurants and hotels. If you have a podcast or video content plan, then you can collaborate with big brands in Canada. Let’s say you have a big podcast on SoundCloud. Go and invest in more followers. Buy SoundCloud followers to gain more attraction. When a random user sees your podcast gaining traction, they will follow for sure and it will have a domino effect. 

The country has several biomes, from tundra to coastal cities, through tropical forests and impressive mountains. Plus, the locals are very friendly and laid-back, and there’s a lot to explore, whether you’re getting a cultural experience in the cities or immersing yourself in nature. The country is also known to be very welcoming to immigrants and has a very diverse population. That means your trip can turn into more than just a short stay there!

In this year 2022, the highlight is Nova Scotia, the maritime province of eastern Canada. There, we have Cape Breton Island, which is connected to the mainland by a one kilometer long sidewalk. Famous for its panoramic views and historic sites, it’s worth an amazing tour!


To discover South America, nothing better than starting in Chile! The country appeared on the list for being a “world leader in ecotourism and a paradise for outdoor adventurers”, in other words: all the best for those who enjoy an activity in the midst of nature! From the desert to the coast, the climate also pleases everyone with sun and even snow!

Therefore, as many people are looking forward to exploring the possibilities this year, the country caught the eye! For language learners, it is also an excellent chance to put their Spanish to the game and sharpen their language. 


Another country that remains one of the best to travel to in 2022! Peru is one of the best destinations for solo travel here in South America , with diverse cultures and climates. There, you can discover everything from the Inca trails to parts of the Amazon Rainforest. Experts highlighted the city of Ollantaytambo. Very well preserved along the route to Machu Picchu in the Sacred Valley of Peru, it is the chance to visit the Inca ruins in the village that received an honorable mention as one of the “Best Tourism Villages” of the United Nations. The award reinforces that tourists are enchanted by landscapes, natural and cultural diversity and its local values ​​and activities”

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