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Protect Your Skin From Sun With Sunscreen Cosmetic Products

Sunscreen is one of important cosmetic product you should apply in tropic area. Sun light causes several problems for your skin like pigmentation, dry skin, photo-aging, and skin cancer. So, it is a must to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from damage. But, you may be confused which sunscreen you have to choose. These are several things you have to know about sunscreen:


Sunscreen consists of various shapes like lotion, gel, cream, stick way, spray, and wet tissue. Sunscreen gel is suitable for acne skin and sunscreen cream is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. While, if you have certain allergy, it is better to apply physic sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.


There are two kind of sun light radiation reaching your skin, ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). These two kinds of radiations may cause skin cancer, especially UVB. Some experts suggest you to apply sunscreen that protects your skin from these two radiations. Most of sunscreen product blocking UVB also blocks UVA.


The strength of sunscreen depends on SPF contained that determines how long you can stand on the sun light. SPF 2 blocks 50 % UVB light and SPF 15 block 93 %. But, you have to remember that higher SPF, SPF 50 or 60 does not mean better because it does not give more protection. American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests you to use at least 15 with waterproof or water resistant.


Sunscreen is provided in two types, chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen. The first one is absorbed UV light and the second is absorbed, blocked, and shined the UV light to stay away from your skin. Some experts suggest you to use physic sunscreen.


Sunlight may give vitamin D, but you need to apply sunscreen for about 20 – 30 minutes before going out. Apply it to your eyelid, nose, ear, neck, hands, and feet. Apply it every 2 hours and after sweating or swimming. It is better to wear long clothe.

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