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Rules For Making Lip Gloss And Lip Color With Household Items

In this article, we’ll explore some favorite beauty tips for making homemade lip gloss or lip color, without spending a small fortune. Most of these tips came from a group of teenage girls who all asked their friends to report back their favorite homemade beauty tips for homemade lip gloss and homemade lip color. Let’s see what they had to say:


Most beauty stores sell small round tins or plastic containers with lids that screw on, and you can usually buy them in bulk for just a few dollars.

Using sugar-free, pre-sweetened Kool-Aid – or other pre-sweetened powdered drink mix, combine a small amount of the powder to inexpensive petroleum jelly (like Vaseline), and you have a nice flavored lip gloss. (Strawberry-Kiwi makes a nice light color, while Cherry makes a darker red)

TIP: Mix the powder thoroughly to avoid lumps and clumps and make an even shade for your homemade lip gloss. These make great gifts for teenagers and young girls, and even have a great flavor!


Beets are a nice, deep, rich, dark reddish color to a dark purple, and the juice from a beet will stain for quite some time, and beets are cheap! If you want a long lasting color on your lips, mash the juice from either fresh or canned beets (the canned variety are easier to mash), and then using a cotton swab, carefully outline the shape of your lips with the beat juice and then color in the rest of your lips. This will provide long lasting color that will stay on through eating, swimming, sweating – you name it!

Using beets this way will provide a matte finish with no shine. If you want a lighter color and to add some shine, mix the beet juice with a little petroleum jelly, or you can buy beeswax, melt it and stir in the beet juice to add the color for less shine, but lighter coloring for your homemade lip gloss and color.

TIP: The beet juice stains very easily, so be careful not to get any outside the line of the lip, or it will be very difficult to remove this quickly.


Vitamin E capsules can provide many skin care benefits, one of which is a great lip gloss that moisturizes and protects your lips while providing a light glossy finish. Simply cut or poke the end of a vitamin E capsule and squeeze for the oil to come out, and apply directly with your finger or a cotton swab. You can also purchase vitamin E gel for the same purpose.

If you want some color or flavor for your homemade lip therapy, use the vitamin E and add the drink powder or beet juice to that, or even a small amount of artificial sweetener powder.


A cheap jar of petroleum jelly can cost less than a buck and it provides protection for the lips against damaging cold and wind while also adding gloss and shine to the lips. This is great used alone or used in combination with lip color to add gloss and shine to the color.

There you have several options for cheap and easy to make homemade lip gloss and color that is sure to please without breaking your budget.

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