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Understanding ADHD in Children and Common Warning Signs

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is perhaps one of the most frequently misinterpreted conditions that affect children and adults alike. It is typical to hear somebody merely label a kid struggling with ADHD Phoenix as being mischievous, loud, or disobedient. This is unfortunate, and should not be the case. In fact, a global meta-analysis of several studies found that 7.2% of the global population is identified with ADHD, with kids under 12 years being the most commonly affected. Nonetheless, ADHD continues to be one of the most under-recognized illnesses since many of the symptoms are ignored as normal kid behavior. To learn more about ADHD in kids, and what symptoms you should watch out for, check out this post.

What Exactly Is ADHD?

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental illness grounded in the chemistry of the brain that often shows abnormalities in more than one context before the age of twelve. Generally, this disorder emanates from the difference in the brain’s chemical messengers, resulting in symptoms like hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity.

Numerous parents mistakenly believe that hyperactivity is the only symptom of ADHD, while in reality, there are three manifestations of this impairment:

  • Overwhelmingly inattentive
  • Overly impulsive and hyperactive
  • Mixed hyperactivity-impulsiveness and inattentiveness

Only folks with hyperactivity-impulsiveness or mixed hyperactivity-impulsiveness and inattentiveness exhibit the characteristic restlessness and fidgeting of ADHD patients. For those kids who are overwhelmingly inattentive, they will not fidget or show restlessness. Another myth is that ADHD kids cannot concentrate, while actually, they can, but only on what intrigues them.

What Are The Early Signs Of ADHD In Kids?

Children will always be children, implying they will have shorter attention spans, miss things from time to time, and zone out during talks. Nevertheless, at what point do you make a distinction and determine that things are becoming abnormal? Here are some of the most prominent signs a kid with ADHD can present.

1.Lack of Concentration and Negligence

A child with ADHD may appear uninterested in concentrating during class sessions or other exercises. Typically, you might observe your kid wander during scheduled activities, be readily diverted by external influences, and appear bored or uninterested.


A child with ADHD may struggle to complete things such as chores and homework. Moreover, your child might struggle to select a chore, rendering it difficult to complete a to-do list..


Kids with ADHD usually neglect to attend to or finish tasks and activities due to disorganization. As a result, a child may fail to submit classwork assignments, miss activities, or hand in incomplete coursework.

4.Difficulties in Socializing

Social relationships can be a challenge for youngsters with ADHD. Social problems may develop because of an inability to concentrate during talks, a tendency to stray off subject, and a disregard for social norms.

5.Lack of Organization

ADHD kids have chaotic beds, desks, or lockers. Often, your kid might experience difficulty keeping an account of their schedules and possessions, causing them to lose items and arrive late to school.

Do you feel that your child is displaying signs of ADHD? If so, do not hesitate to talk to a child psychiatrist and developmental expert at 2nd Chance Treatment Center. With appropriate, timely treatment and necessary family and community support, children diagnosed with ADHD may learn how to manage their condition and lead a more fulfilling life. Book online to learn more or schedule a consultation through mobile.

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