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What Are The Signs That Your Dental Fillings Require Replacement?

Fillings should endure for years. Even standard composite fillings can do their job for roughly five years, while tougher materials such as gold and amalgam can endure for roughly 15 years. Nonetheless, not all fillings last for the suggested timelines; some remain longer than expected, whereas others suffer health issues that decrease their lifespan. Typically, if your filling requires replacement, you will observe some warning signs. Unfortunately, these signs are not always apparent. In this post, fillings Hawthorne specialist Dr. Michael Hoang discusses some common reasons for dental filling replacement. Continue reading to learn more.

Symptoms of Damage

Fillings sometimes break and fracture, typically while eating anything chewy or tough. Therefore if you are chewing and suddenly feel a chunk of filling in your mouth, a swift inspection might reveal a portion of the filling has detached from your tooth.

Other damage indicators include dark or white patches surrounding the filling area on the tooth. These dots could indicate deterioration. Even a minute fracture in the filling may compromise its ability to safeguard the tooth.

Some fillings appear undamaged but become abrasive while placed on the tongue. Fillings must feel smooth, and evidence of roughness indicates that they are deteriorating.

You Experience A Toothache

There are not always visible indicators of damage on a filling. While examining a tooth in the mirror, minute chips and fissures could be hardly noticeable. Nevertheless, if the filling does not provide a complete seal, the tooth could develop complications, which manifest in a toothache. Oftentimes, the tooth might constantly throb or ache, or you may only experience difficulties while drinking or eating.

Floss Tearing

If you get a filling on the edge of your tooth, then the filling is not visible; it is concealed between two teeth. Even though it is more difficult to detect issues with these fillings, your floss can indicate that something is off. For instance, the filling could be compromised if the floss is somewhat ripped after flossing between two teeth. A chipped or fractured filling typically has rough edges that could snag the floss and separate its strands.

Unpleasant Odors and Tastes

If a filling fails, you may have foul breath. Additionally, you might experience a terrible taste in your mouth. This odor or flavor remains even after brushing your teeth and is usually an indication of an underlying decay issue.

Color Variations

Sometimes, you might decide to replace a filling for aesthetic reasons. For instance, if you got an old white filling, the filling could no longer appear white; it may have turned a darker shade. For this reason, the filling pops out in contrast to the remainder of your teeth.

Alternatively, your previous filling could appear unsightly if you have had a professional tooth whitening procedure. The filling will appear yellow or dull relative to the rest of the teeth because the whitening process does not impact it. In these instances, replacing the filling restores the tooth’s uniform color.

Are you concerned about a defective filling or want to repair an old filling that does not appear attractive? If so, look no further than DR. MICHAEL HOANG, DMD. At the Hawthorne, CA office, Dr. Hoang will immediately examine your questionable filling and inform you if further dental work is necessary. Arrange an appointment today through mobile or request online.

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