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When do You Need an Individualized IVF Treatment

You might need individualized IVF treatment when the standard IVF techniques prove ineffective. Mountain View aggressive IVF protocols take a closer look at previous IVF treatments and your response to them. The process looks at your uterine state and your number of eggs.

While many women with infertility receive a standard IVF treatment, your specialist will take a different route regarding individualized IVF protocols. They might recommend giving you medications for different stages of the treatment.

The diagnosis that you can undergo before an individualized IVF protocol

  • Ovarian reserve tests
  • Endometrial receptivity assay
  • Uterine evaluation 
  • Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy
  • Reproductive immunology testing

Although your previous IVF treatments involved the above tests, your specialist will take a more detailed look for a more specific type of treatment. Your specialist will also conduct blood tests to rule out any conditions or factors that might prevent you from conceiving.

What does the process involve?

The process involves personalized fertility treatment that is only specific to you. For example, your fertility specialist will combine fertility techniques and medications to help you conceive, while they might use a very different approach for another patient.

During IVF treatment, your specialist will give you medication in the form of hormones to help your ovaries produce follicles. After that, you will receive another hormone therapy dosage to stimulate the eggs’ maturity. Finally, your specialist will harvest your eggs, fertilize them and proceed with implantation.

If there is a problem with implantation, your specialist will look closely at your uterine wall. If possible, they will ask for a test sample to ascertain whether your uterine tissue is healthy enough to carry a baby. Your specialist will give you all the available options depending on the results.

The individualized IVF protocol looks at your unique diagnosis and the problems with why the standard IVF protocol does not work. Your specialist will come up with the most suitable set of treatment options that can yield results. The process involves changing or adjusting your fertility medication and dosage to suit your needs.

What are other available options?

After addressing all your fertility issues and adjusting the IVF protocols while looking for the most suitable treatment, your specialist might recommend other options if the individualized IVF protocol proves unfruitful.

If individualized IVF treatment is ineffective, your doctor might recommend surrogacy or embryo donation. Remember that your specialist might suggest surrogacy if your uterus cannot carry a pregnancy to term. For the donation of eggs, sperm or embryos, your specialist will examine the number of your eggs.

Whether you are going through the standard IVF treatment or the individualized IVF protocol, you must heed your doctor’s advice about maintaining good overall health. Maintain a healthy weight and take your medications as prescribed.

If you struggle to conceive with the standard IVF treatment, visit NOVA IVF for an individualized IVF treatment. Let the experienced and qualified staff help you realize the dream of joining parenthood or adding another member to your family. Call or book an appointment online today.

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