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Why Humans Use : Pheromones and Fragrances- Which You Should Know

All human beings secrete pheromones, which are chemical scents that our bodies produce, specifically for attracting other humans. All animals, humans included, produce these scents that attract members of their same species. Generally, the scents are to attract the opposite gender, in order to facilitate procreation and thus ensure the survival of the species.

Therefore, it makes sense that scent is directly, biologically, chemically ingrained as part of the mating ritual. Factor that out to the social aspect of dating, mating, marrying, etc., and you get perfumes and colognes meant to entice the opposite gender by making the male or female smell ‘more’ male or female. The point: to be more sexually exciting or interesting to members of the opposite sex.

Perfume or Cologne that Enhances Your Natural Scent

When choosing a perfume of cologne to wear, you should determine what the purpose of wearing the perfume is for you. If your purpose is to smell good to yourself, then you can simply pick any fragrance that smells good to you. If, however, you would like to attract a partner, your fragrance choices should be different.

For example, a fragrance that enhances your natural scent will make your more attractive to a man or a woman who would already be attracted to your chemical scent. Finding a fragrance that smells like ‘you’ is the key for finding a partner who is attracted to who you really are.

Not all Fragrances are the Same on Everyone

Have you ever picked up a fragrance that smells wonderful on a friend but when you put it on yourself, it doesn’t smell good on you? That’s because every fragrance works differently with every person’s own body chemistry. Because of this, you cannot simply go to the store and buy a fragrance or check for one online.

For example, I wear a fragrance called Taub™, and I absolutely love this fragrance on my skin. About fifteen minutes after I put the fragrance on, the real potency of this cologne comes out, once it’s had time to mix with my natural skin oils and my own natural chemicals. Every time I wear this very inexpensive perfume, someone comments about how good I smell – every single time. The reason? The fragrance in Taub blends well with my own scent and makes me smell like ‘me’, just ‘more’.

Yet, when they ask me what I’m wearing and I tell them, frequently they will tell me, “Oh, I tried that, and it didn’t smell like that on me.” They are probably right.

Never Buy a Fragrance without Trying It First

Most fragrance counters in commercial stores will give you a small vial sample of cologne or fragrance if you ask, usually for free. They do this, because the only real way to pick a fragrance is not to smell it on your body or even on your wrist or skin right after you spray or dab it. The best way to tell if a fragrance is right for you is to put it on all the places you normally wear fragrance and wear it around for a day or two.

Then and only then can you tell if a fragrance will work for you. Therefore, ask for your free sample and try out a fragrance for a day or two before you finally settle on a signature scent.

Change Fragrances to Change Moods

Even though you might have a signature scent that blends well with your own natural scent and chemicals, you can sometimes change your mood and your scent by changing the cologne or perfume you wear. Softer scents, stronger scents, spicy scents, or floral scents can all have different aspects of personality or style. Many different fragrances can blend with your chemistry.

Remember, try out any new fragrance for a day or two before deciding to buy, especially on the more expensive perfumes and colognes. What smells good on someone you know might not smell so good on you.

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