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In Terms Of Fruit, The Apple Is a Miracle Fruit- Thats What You Need To Know

Apple is the best known fruit in the world and that not only thanks to the biblical reputation.

Apple is a tasty fruit, which hosts many vitamins that give you tone whenever you need.

Why we need apples

In the world, there are over 7500 species of apples. He was the first time in Kazakhstan, but those who have officially recognized the merits were the English saying “an apple a day keeps away the doctor.”

Apples give you the perfect dose of energy and can substitute dangerous snack for figure. When you get hungry between meals, or just when the appetite for a snack, apple is the perfect alternative to chips or crackers you often crunch, but not the healthiest choice for our body.

The benefits of apples

• reduce the risk of colon cancer, the prostate or lungs
• can combat heart disease by keeping cholesterol under control
• is ideal in the food belt of losing weight
• contain sugars in proportion of 10% but fat are virtually non-existent
• is an important source vitamin C, B6, potassium, phosphorus and fiber.

Apples in the kitchen

Some varieties of apples are hyperacidity, and hard tolerance by stomach, so it is recommended to balance consumption. If you have stomach problems, you should not miss the delicious apples – you can serve it in cakes, baked, or in jams and compotes.

In diets

In many diets is recommend that apple to serve as snack between meals. Contains very few calories and is virtually harmless to figure. By with a pretty severe diet, which had three days to eat only fruit apples – you can chose apples. Namely about 2 kg of apples per day. But is not recommend this diet – the drastic diets regimes are a sure road to anemia and the effects, although spectacular, are not for too long.

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